Ages ago, Michael attended Seton Hill University for studio arts and design. To make ends meet, and also to acquire discounts on framing his own artwork, he took a job at a big box arts & crafts store working in their framing department.

After a handful of painful years managing several of their stores’ framing departments, he realized that the corporate framing world was just not for him. Once through with schooling, Michael packed up and moved to Pittsburgh where he was lucky enough to land a job at an independent frame shop where, for fifteen years, he was tutored in the delicate art of conservation framing.

Finally in 2022, with just over 20 years of framing experience, Michael decided to set out and open up a frame shop all his own. A new kind of frame shop...

owner & opperator

This is Michael

And this is it. The Blue Rose.

It’s a place both wonderful and strange where the beautiful and the bizarre commingle and the elegant and the odd exist in perfect harmony. No matter what you're looking for, our design methods will be sure to deliver you the right solution.

At The Blue Rose, we strive to interpret the crucial, and sometimes elusive balance between what a client wants and what their artwork needs. We truly believe that it all hinges on rapport. Rapport between the client, the designer and the art itself.

The client has an expectation.
The designer has an idea.
The art has a need.

Long story short, these three things gotta meet and have drinks.

So stop by. Bring your art, bring your expectations, and we'll see how our ideas get on with them. The results just might be magic.